essential oil blends
essential oil blends
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Multiple Products

"Just a usage update from me. Having used the mosquito spray and a blend that is for sleepy time, I just love these more and more. The pain relief is great for hurty things, too!" Darren - Indianapolis, Indiana

Topical Pain Reliever

"Sweet pepperminty pain relief oil . . .my calves and big toe may be functional again soon."  Ted - Indianapolis, Indiana.

"I love your pain reliever oil!! I've been in pain every day for 3 weeks, put the oil on.. by the time i was done rubbing it in...pain free. amazing!!!"
Stephanie - Lafeyette, Indiana

"I have used many different treatments to attempt to relieve my neck pain.  Alieve, tylenol, aspirin, and ibuprofen proved to be mildly effective relievers of my debilitating neck pain. Once suggested to me, I tried Bartenblend's pain relief oil. I vigorously applied the oil and very quickly the pain was completely gone. Unexpectedly, the pain relief lasted several days before I needed to use more.  After another application of the product I was met with the same results as pain relief for a couple of days.  After about two weeks of using the product I am happy to say I find myself pain free without any pills.  I attribute it to my natural healing approach with the topical pain relief rub produced by bartenblends.  I can't thank you enough for creating a product that actually works!"
Mike - Dubois, Wyoming

"So unbelievable products!! The pain oil is better than anything
I have tried at all the drug stores, and I have bought them all. Rub it on sore spot, warms up and in a bit, I can actually move my neck or elbow!! It's my favorite!"
Lorraine - Indianapolis, Indiana

"The pain relief oil worked better than anything I've tried before. Almost insant relief and it lasted for hours. Great stuff!"
Stephen - Indianapolis, Indiana


Vapor Oil

"The vapor steam oil has helped me numerous times when I've had severe congestion. Every time it allows me to get cleared out so I can function."
Alton - St. Paul, Minnesota

"Bartenblend's vapor is amazing! I experienced horrible stuffiness and sinus pressure last winter due to a cold and my friend recommended Bartenblend's vapor. After inhaling the cool menthol i felt twenty times better; My sinus pressure was gone and i could breathe through my nose. Try this product before you use those nasty drugstore nasal sprays and be amazed."


Cleansing Oil

"Been dealing with a fungal problem under my nails for a few years now. Of course I have tried every over the counter oil, cream, etc.. nothing has ever worked! After many failed attempts I decided to see my doctor. She seemed to have a plan, a few tests and some bloodwork, and I was ready to start the oral medicine. gross!!! Not only was it the most horrible treatment yet, but guess didn't work. Seemed this was always going to be an issue and I needed to get use to it. A few months ago a friend told me about your cleansing oil and asked if I'd be willing to try it out. Finally, the miracle I had been waiting for!! After only about a week I noticed a big improvement in the look of my nails. The color was better and they were growing the way they should be. I joke around and call this stuff "my little bottle of magic", but seriously I can't wait till summer so I can finally wear my sandals again. This oil is amazing!!!!!!!!!! Bartenblends, you rock!!!!!!!!!!!"


Insect Repellent

"This is my favorite repellent ever!
It smells good and works better than anything I've tried."
Justin - Los Angeles, California


Citrus Dreams Spray

"This spray really seems to kill odors instead of cover them up and it has an amazingly fresh and natural smell."
Louis - Columbus, Ohio

"I recommend the citrus dreams spray! I am impressed by how the smell relaxes me and puts me in a good mood."
Nick - Clifton Park, New York


Sun Tanning Oil

"The tanning oil is very good! It makes my skin glimmer but not feel greasy. My tan is getting dark much faster now!"
Andrea - Lufkin, Texas


Massage Oil

Coming Soon



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